A Pair of Suspenders for Every Dad!

Are you stumped on what to get the distinguished man who has everything on Father’s Day? At the Suspender Store, we have some great ideas for you. Suspenders are both practical and tremendously stylish, and we have styles to fit every dad's personality — sophisticated or earthy, rugged or refined, dressy or casual. We have the ideal gift, whether he's serious, whimsical, outdoorsy or festive. To begin at the office, we offer Men's Business and Dress Suspenders in various styles, from Jacquard Checkered and Argyle Clip Suspenders to French satin and all-leather. Our daily wear Casual Suspenders come in solid colors, dots, stripes, checks and plaids. Choose from different colors, widths and materials.

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We even have airport-friendly suspenders that won't set off those pesky metal detectors. They're perfect for frequent travelers. For those rugged, outdoorsy types, we have a wide selection of Leather and Western Suspenders, including our special horsehair suspenders, which are definitely something you don't see every day.  For animal lovers, fisherman and hunters, we have unique suspenders that honor the Great Outdoors. Hobbyists, tradesmen and those with a healthy sense of humor will get a kick out of our Novelty Suspenders. We have everyone covered — mechanics, plumbers, painters, electricians, military men, firemen and handymen. Give your favorite dad a way to celebrate the holidays with our colorful Holiday Suspenders, or choose suspenders that honor his ancestral home with the country's flag. Whatever his personal style happens to be, our high-quality suspenders make a great gift he'll be delighted to receive.

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