Types of Suspenders: Clip-on Versus Button-on Styles

There are some questions that beg to be debated. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why did the chicken cross the road? Should you dye your hair or let it go gray? Sure, we could go on and on for pages, but like drama on a soap opera, it would never end. However, when it comes to style, is there ever a wrong way to wear something? Of course there’s something eye-raising about wearing curlers outside of the house and yoga pants stretched way too far. However, when it comes to clip-on versus button suspenders, it’s all about personal preference.

Are these clip or button-on? Which would you prefer?

Button Suspenders Button suspenders are the classic look. They will take a little bit more time to get just right and may not be as easily adjusted as their newer counterpart. Yet the end result is the same; a fabulous outfit accessory. The only drawback is that they may not work with every pair of pants you own because they need the inside button to attach to, which may be why many people think they are only for formal wear. This is a myth, though. As long as your pants are equipped for it, then button suspenders can go casual too. model-235-edit Want to wear button-on suspenders but your pants don't have buttons?  No worries - any tailor can sew buttons onto your pants for you.  Or, if you are a "do-it-yourself" type person SuspenderStore.com has a very helpful instructional video - Attaching Buttons To Pants For Suspenders -  that will walk you through exactly how to do it.  Don't like either of those ideas?  Opt for permanent or moveable "no-sew" buttons - otherwise known as bachelor buttons for obvious reasons! Clip Suspenders Clip-on suspenders are a more modern addition to fashion. They are simple to wear and can clasp onto jeans, shorts, skirts, and any style of pants from dressy to casual. Clip-on suspenders can go from work to play and back again. Their reputation is more fun and flirty, perhaps due to their ease of use. However, just like button suspenders aren’t only for black tie affairs, clip-ons can dress up as well.  If you want to wear clip-on suspenders to a formal event, choose a traditional width Y-back suspender (1.25 inch wide, 1.38 inch wide or 1.5 inch wide are all standard widths and are therefore good choices)  or a dressy fabric like silk, grosgrain, french satin or jacquard.  Dressy clip-on suspenders can be hard to find -  SuspenderStore.com carries many suspenders in this category. Personal preference In the end, the type of suspenders you wear really is up to you. Decide first whether you are more comfortable with clip-on or button suspenders and take it from there. You can also mix and match. Who says you have to prefer one over the other? Why can’t you have one or two of each? Or, choose convertible suspenders that feature interchangeable clip and button-on attachments so you can change your mind and your look whenever you want! farringdon_15-cm-composite Whether you choose button or clip-on, suspenders work with almost any style. Though maybe not with curlers and yoga pants.
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