Celebrate the 4th of July with Patriotic Suspenders

Americans have made an informal tradition out of wearing eccentric, eye-catching outfits to support our country on the Fourth of July. If you’re trying to take part by showcasing your patriotic pride with an eye-catching outfit, then we have the fashion advice you need. Wearing patriotic suspenders at an outdoor cookout or barbecue is sure to garner attention. It’s also a great way to show your spirit while maintaining an air of formality at buttoned-up events (so long as you can keep the ketchup stains off of your suspenders). Here are just a few fun ways to incorporate patriotic suspenders into your Fourth of July outfit: Wear them to accent your patriotic style. For girls and guys looking to bring some patriotic flair to an Independence Day cookout, slip a pair of themed suspenders on over a breezy button-down or nautical looking shirt. Dress it up or dress it down — depending on the occasion — but make sure to let your suspenders take center stage by going with a patriotic design or classy red, white and blue striped suspenders. You’re sure to be the life of the party, perhaps rivaling the burgers and fireworks. Wear them with no shirt (yes, really). If you’re a guy planning on spending your Fourth of July outdoors at the pool, on a boat or somewhere else near the water, your friends will get a kick out of seeing you wear your patriotic suspenders with a pair of swimming trunks or shorts. Don’t overlook the value of being able to keep your swimming trunks secure, either. Wear them with your regular clothes. If you do have to work or attend a formal event on or around the Fourth, donning American flag-themed suspenders will give your attire a seasonally appropriate appearance. Fashion tip: Try pairing classy grosgrain striped suspenders under a black suit with a white shirt, or rock something a bit sillier if your office is more casual. Put them on your little ones. Why not invest in patriotic suspenders for the whole family? You’ll even find fun, American flag-themed kids suspenders that will look adorable on the little ones.   Save Save Save Save Save