Give Thanks For Classic Styles – Suspender Fashions are Here to Stay

Just as the Pilgrims came from England, so, too, did suspenders. This Thanksgiving season, we here at SuspenderStore give thanks to a man named Albert Thurston. While there had been several iterations in the past, it was Mr. Thurston who, in the early 1800s , “invented” the classic pair of suspenders. Albert Thurston suspenders live on today - featuring classic stripes and top quality components, these British-made suspenders are the venerable statesmen of the suspender world. at-stripevari-compositeWe’d also like to give a tip of the hat to Mr. Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain, for being one of the first to hold a patent for suspenders-like garment straps. Three cheers to you, gentlemen! We celebrate your fashion staple with modern styles.

Via: Image sourced from Picture Queensland, State Library of Queensland - This image is free of copyright restrictions.

Speaking of history, the high cut of late18th and early 19th century pants meant that belts were impossible to wear effectively and still be in fashion. Until the late 1800s, all suspenders were made with button loops, therefore requiring all pants to have buttons to which one would attach the straps. But in the 1890s, some delightful genius added metal clasps in place of the button loops, enabling the wearer to pair their straps with any cut of trouser.


Suspenders fell out of fashion when World War II broke out, and they sort of languished in style purgatory until the 1960s and 70s when the British punk working-class look swept the world by storm. Women took a cue from Annie Hall and adopted suspenders for a chic, androgynous approach, and teens in the 1980s wore (or technically un-wore) suspenders by letting them hang loose and carefree at their sides. Since then, we’ve seen suspender popularity bounce from hip-hop culture, to Larry King’s signature look, and back to the “hipster” 1920s vibe. For more nearly two centuries, suspenders in the modern form have been providing both fashion and function to men and women, young and old. They are something the entire family can wear at gatherings — and let you leave plenty of room for turkey and stuffing, too. Get the whole family fashionably involved for a group photo and give thanks with us that the suspenders will never go out of style! Save Save Save
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