Think Pink: Support Breast Cancer Awareness with Pink Suspenders

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month — show your support for the upper half of the body and support the lower half of your body at the same time! Choose from several different shades of pink suspenders, or mixed it up with pink patterns. Pink suspenders can provide an interesting twist to a wide range of fashion ensembles, including business, wedding, women, kids and every day wear! Suspenders Can Benefit Your Health Regular health screenings are obviously beneficial to your well-being, but did you know that suspenders have health benefits as well? Classic, fashionable confidence aside, the impact of suspenders on your health can be surprising. For heavier individuals, suspenders and braces provide a much higher level of comfort. Belts cinched across the waist can put undue pressure on your skin, muscles, and inner organs. They also tend to bring your waistline down to your hips and below your belly, giving your pants an improper and insecure fit. Suspenders bring the waistline of your pants back up to your actual waist, and take the pressure off of the sensitive stomach region.

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Suspenders Hold Up Loose Fitting Pants On the flip side, if you’ve lost some weight, but still love your favorite pair of pants, suspenders can extend the life of your too-big trousers, without the sloppy cinching from a belt. Even if your pants are loose, they still stay in place - which also makes suspenders a  popular and cute choice for kids attire! dainty-dapper-sip-see-boys-flyerSuspenders Both Give and Show Support There are ergonomic benefits as well. The pressure on the shoulders, back, and chest simulate a “brace” feeling that triggers the brain to straighten the spine. Slouching while wearing suspenders can make them appear loose and ill-fitted, leading the wearer to sit properly taller. With a little more room in a balanced torso, your spine, internal organs, blood flow, and brain are all much happier. curlforacureMake a statement that says you support survivors and your own health — wear a pair of pink suspenders to your next doctor’s appointment or get a crew of friends together to raise money for a cure! Save Save Save
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